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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, temporary reduced hours now in effect, with no acute care clinic or Saturday hours temporarily. 

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a Cincinnati Children’s Anderson Primary Care We provide comprehensive care for every stage of your child’s life, helping them to thrive as they grow.

Anderson Primary Care

Eastern Hills Pediatrics has joined Cincinnati Children’s to become Anderson Primary Care. Even though our name has changed, we are still the same people providing the same great service for all your pediatric care needs. In fact, we’ve made moves to provide an even greater level of care for you. It was a great move for us, but even better news for the children of our community.

We’re committed to improving
to provide greater outcomes.

Anderson Primary Care has one goal: improve the health, vitality and
well-being of our patients and their families.

Same great care

You know us, and while some things have changed, you’re still receiving the same care from the same people you’ve already relied on.


Our top-quality, team-based approach ensures that patients receive the highest level of care available.

National leader

Cincinnati Children’s is the No. 3 ranked children’s hospital in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.

Healing the body, mind
and spirit of your children.

Here to serve all of your needs

At Anderson Primary Care, we have a world-class team of physicians, nurses, specialists and other health professionals with one goal in mind: providing our patients and their families the finest medical care available.

We believe in the value and efficacy of childhood and adolescent immunizations. Anderson Primary Care strives to immunize your child according to the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC. If you have any questions about immunizations, we encourage you to talk to us. Please visit the Resource section of this website for more information as well. We are a Vaccines for Children (VFC) provider which means that we offer immunizations to anyone under 19 years old who is covered by Medicaid insurance, or is uninsured, or American Indian/ Alaskan native, or underinsured.

Anderson Primary Care wants your child to live a happy and healthy life. Regularly scheduled check-ups help to ensure your child is growing and developing well. We offer well check-ups, sports/ camp physicals, and family well checks (2 children from the same family seen consecutively) during our regular office hours. Back-to-school season is a particularly busy time of year at our office, so plan ahead and try to schedule your check-ups early. Please bring any forms requiring a physical exam with you to your appointment.

We provide close monitoring of our patients who have been diagnosed with asthma. Our participation in the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Asthma Initiative enables us to provide the most up-to-date care and education.

Sports physicals can be done as a patient’s annual well child exam (which is covered by insurance) so there’s no extra cost, and we’ll fill out all forms for up to a year after the exam. We go the extra mile with a comprehensive exam that includes cardiovascular, neuromuscular and orthopedic. And we’ll make sure patients are up-to-date on immunizations, routine mental health screenings and routine testing.

We have a certified IBCLC lactation consultant and a lactation counselor on staff providing timely evaluation and breastfeeding support for our nursing mothers.

As part of your child’s well exam we offer a comprehensive PediaVision eye exam, hearing test, urinalysis, CBC, and cholesterol/glucose screening. More in-depth testing may require that we draw blood. You can also choose to have your labs drawn at another testing facility.

Patient Portal

Patients and their parents can enter the Patient Portal to have private, secure access to your files, communicate one-on-one with your doctor, schedule appointments, and more.

Easy access

You never know when you may need immediate access to your medical records. This is the place for patients, parents and caretakers will have quick, easy access to all of their medical records in one central location.

If an office visit isn’t necessary, you can have secure, private communication with your provider to discuss any questions or concerns about the health and well-being of your child.

Busy and don’t feel like calling the office? We’ve all been there. The Patient Portal makes it easy to schedule your next visit.

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Hours of Operation

Monday 8AM- 7:00PM
Tuesday 8AM- 7:00PM
Wednesday 8AM- 7:00PM
Thursday 8AM- 7:00PM
Friday 8AM- 4:30PM
Saturday 8AM- 12:00PM
Sunday Closed

Staff are available to answer phones beginning at 8:00 AM M-F.